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Founder Director of Ario Advisory, a responsible investment advisory firm. Focus on climate risk, often growing capabilities in organisations we work with. Specialist Adviser to House of Commons EAC Select Committee for their 2018 Green Finance inquiry. Past and current work with other parliamentary Select Committees. Represent IFoA on Oxford Smith School global Advisory Council. Former NED at Brunel (LGPS) pooling investment management company, also past member of WHEB Asset Management independent Advisory Committee. Currently member of Oxford Diocese Investment Committee. Private seed investor in investment management company offering climate solutions: first product is fund investing in ETS Allowances around the world. Author of IFoA curated climate reading list. Contributed to DWP's climate provisions in 2021 Pensions Act. Strong interest in public/private risk sharing.

Roelof Coertze is a deeply experienced life insurance actuary who is passionate about actuaries positively impacting the planet and society. Roelof has worked in South Africa and the UK in risk management, internal models, financial reporting and product development. He is also a founding member of the Network of Consulting Actuaries, which provides regular CPD.